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About Repoussé

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Tools for Repoussé and Chasing

New Beginners set of tools

These twelve tools were picked by Barb Lawrence (Coppretta) for her beginners repoussé classes.
Formed from oil hardening tool steel, they are oven tempered and polished.

 Barbara's Favorite tools for the beginning artist.
A Dozen great tools, Barb's choices make a good set, especially for the beginner. They are intended for developing larger designs which may make the process more visible and understandable to a novice smith.

The tools in this set include:

a - 8mm teardrop planisher
b - 3mm x 15mm liner #3L5
c - 3mm x 12mm liner #3L4
d - 3mm x 6 mm liner #3L2
e - 2mm x 8mm liner #2L4
f - 1.5mm x 7.5mm liner #1.5L5
g - 1mm x 5mm liner #1L5
h - 8mm pearl
i - 6mm pearl
j - 4mm pearl
k - 6mm equi-triangular pusher
l - 2 x 3 mm triangular pusher
$129.99 - - - -
with a 25mm chasing hammer -$139.99 - - - -

New Photo of full set of tools

These twelve tools are a fine starter set for learning the art of repoussage.
Formed from oil hardening tool steel, they are oven tempered and polished.

 My original - Basic Starter set for your tool collection.
Roughly based on the ones we got from Kirsten Skiles so long ago. I included some very small tools, similar to those Kirsten used for marking designs, texturing and fine detail finishing The tools in this set are all different sizes and shapes than the ones above in Barb's set
A Dozen Basic tools, including A large liner for forming the intial shape of your work, a slightly smaller one for refining your shapes and getting into smaller corners, as well as an oval liner of the same thickness for getting into smaller spaces and working around inside curves. Once your overall shape is developed these three smaller liners can be used to develop your lines further, along with these three pearls to add texture and interest. Finally, you may need to planish portions of your piece to smooth it, make smooth transitions from narrow to wider lines or clean up an edge where you want it really crisp. That's where this round planisher , tapered liner , and sheepsfoot can come in handy  

The tools in this set include:

a - 5mm x 10mm liner #5L2
b - 4mm x 8mm liner #4L8
c - 4mm x 6mm liner #4L1.5
d - 2mm x 6 mm liner #2L3
e - 1mm x 3mm liner #1L3
f - 0.5mm x 1.25mm liner #0.5L2.5
g - 5mm pearl
h - 2mm pearl
i - 1mm pearl
j - 8mm round planisher
k - 3mm tapered liner
l - sheepsfoot
$124.99 - - - -
with a 25mm chasing hammer -$134.99 - - - -

Individual tools

I have tried to provide a wide assortment of tool types and sizes. because sometimes we need one just a bit, larger, smaller, longer, wider . . .
Repoussé is not an exact science, and often it is possible to use a less efficient tool with more elbow grease, but having the right tool is always a joy.

If you don't see the type of tool you need, Please Ask. One of my favorite tools shapes, "The Sled" came from a customer request.

Tools for moving metal, The pushers and shovers

Liners (fullers),
Ovals, & Pearls

Liners, sometimes called fullers, are the workhorses of this discipline. They are the main tools that we use to stretch, bend, squash, form, . . the metal. It is nice to have a selection of them. They can be used to stretch the metal more in one direction than the other, They can be used along the narrow axis for that width, bumped slowly along the wide axis for wide lines, or used at a diagonal for intermediate widths and anything between. The ovals and pearls (round ball end tools) are great for texturing and stretching in all directions.

size diagram
Standard Profiles →
10 mm face thickness  
" ∼ 3/8" ∼ 0.39 ± 5%
Tool widths in drop down list
Click on the down arrow next to the description for other widths available in each thickness and their prices.  

Shape - longer tools take more force to use, but they make smoother lines. They are easier to blend one blow into the next with. Shorter tools can turn sharper corners, they apply more force in one spot and can be more agressive. I make these from a long and skinny 5 times the thickness, on down to ovals, rounds. The ratio of thickness to length is most important. 5's are for long lines and dressing up edges 2's to 3's do the bulk of the work, and ovals and pearls (rounds) are often used for tight corners, rough shaping and final texturing.

You need some of these tools. You don't need all of them.

It is useful to have a variety, and the right size and shape can make the job go more smoothly.
8 mm face thickness  
5/16" ∼ 0.315 ± 5%
6 mm face thickness  
15/64" ± 5%
Tool widths in drop down list
5 mm face thickness  
25/128" ± 5%
4 mm face thickness  
5/32" ± 5%
Tool widths in drop down list
3 mm face thickness  
15/128" ± 5%
2 mm face thickness  
5/64" ± 5%
Tool widths in drop down list
1.5 mm face thickness  
15/256" ± 5%
1 mm face thickness  
5/128" ± 5%
Tool widths in drop down list
0.5 mm face thickness  
5/256" ± 5%

Additional Shapes

Tear Drop Fullers
Mettle Works Home Page
Tapered liner Tear Drop Fullers
Mettle Works Home Page
size is measured at dia of rounded end
size is measured at width of rounded end
Avail. Sizes and prices

Curved liners

These are the new 1/4"inside diameter tools. The working edge of the liner is avail in 0.5 mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm.
(nominal sizes, polishing tends to make them slightly larger)
1/4" (6mm) inside dia.   -  -  $16.95

Line weight (thickness)
1/8" (3mm) inside dia  -  -  $16.95

line width (weight)

The Pushers - Tools for sinking areas.

"The Sled" a Planishing Fuller
Mettle Works Home Page
The sled is a versitile pusher. With it's flatsides and tapered ends, it can easily ride up on top of high spots and push them down while leaving a fairly crisp edge on the side. It is very useful along the edges of panels where you need a long smooth edge.
size is measured by width <

" Pushers" - Flat face tools with chamfered edges
Mettle Works Home Page
size is measured by width
Equilat. Triangular Pusher - Sizes and Prices:
size is measured by width
Iso-Triangular Pusher 1.5 ratio - Sizes and Prices:
Round tool graphicMushroom - Round Pusher (click down arrow for individual tools)
Sizes and Prices:
size is measured by width
Square Pusher - Sizes and Prices:

Tools for smoothing, matting, texturing metal


Planishers are nearly flat. They have a very slight crown with a stronger radius towards the edge so that overlapping blows can be blended without leaving sharp edge marks.

Round Planisher
Half Round Planisher
Teardrop Planisher
Square Planisher
Rectangular Planisher 1.5:1
Rectangular Planisher 2.5:1
Thickness & width
Football / Leaf Planisher
length & width
Equi-Triangular - Planisher
length of one side
Triangular - 3 : 1 Planisher
length & width

Matting tools

Currently out of stock.


Chase-0101, Chase-0301, & Chase-0302

Sheepsfoot (edge definer, 2nd pass butcher, face is tapered back from edge) ~ 5.8 x 5.3 mm Included in
the original basic set

Edge definers, lifting tools, cinceles levantadores
Cinceles Levantadores - Edge definers
Available as a set or as individual tools Click on the down down arrow for individual pricing options.
Choose Set or individual tool

Chasing Hammers

Chasing Hammer
Face diameter - - 1" (25mm) - 1 1/8 (28mm) - 1 1/4"(30mm) chasing hammer

Flat Face Chasing Hammers

Chose Face diameter

Domed face Chasing Hammers

Chose Face diameter

Other Hammers and Mallets

2 oz. Ball Pein Hammer
2 oz Ball Pein Hammer

2 oz Ball Pein Hammer - $8.49

Plastic Mallet
Plastic Mallet

Plastic Mallet 1" x 2.5" - $6.99

4 sizes of wooden mallets
Wooden Mallets

Wooden Mallet - 30mm dia. (1.2") - $5.99

Wooden Mallet - 40mm dia. (1.6") - $6.99

Wooden Mallet - 50mm dia. (2") - $7.99

Wooden Mallet - 60mm dia. (2.5") - $ 8.99

Custom tools - as a point of reference I have posted pictures of Pete Renzetti's set of small chasing tools and numbered them.
Point out one similar to what you want and we will consider making it. Email Gene Olson



none currently available.

copper repoussé

Repoussage and chasing combine in the art of transforming sheet metal into art.  

Repoussé is French and it means pushed from behind and when working on a flat sheet, that is often the first step. We form it to add dimension, push it around and change the shape of the metal sheet. The tools used are meant to move the metal, not to cut it. A design is developed with large radius tools and defined and refined with smaller radius tools, or specially made ones with specific shapes. When the metal has been pushed into close to the final shape, sometimes by alternating working back to front, front to back other times working just from the front we begin chasing in the final details.  Chasing was the English word for the process but it has come to have more to do with the texture of the surface than the shape of the metal.  We use the term chase and some of the same tools when we chase a weld on a sculpture to match the texture of the cast parts on both sides of the weld.  Chasing tools are often sharper and leave crisp sharp edges, or they can have patterns on them, like leather stamps for pressing in designs or textures such as the small cup shaped tool that was used to form the individual little balls in the berries in the design above.  When we have finished forming the shape of our piece, we chase in the details.

As such, I divide the tools into a few general catagories, metal moving tools (pushers - liners,) finishing tools (texture/matting and planishing,) and metal carving (chisels-chasers-gravers) , there is of course some overlap, but that's life.

The tools on this page are finely crafted of oil hardened tool steel. They are great for working copper, silver, bronze, brass or gold, but will also work with steel and tin plate. Indeed, I made my first set when I started the Altoids tin project, years ago.   The tool shafts are 4 - 5 inches (10-12.5cm) long.  ;The working faces of the tools are hardened and tempered while the struck end is left annealled so that it doesn't shatter from the blows of the hammer.  Eventually the struck end may start to mushroom out.  When this happens the end should be ground or filed back to round.  As my instructor told me, years ago, repoussé tools wear out from the back forward until they finally get too short to hold.   If left untended, the mushroomed edges can break off and fly with great force when struck. These bits can be very dangerous to tender things like eyes. Always wear safety glasses when using struck tools and use hearing protection as well.  

Tools for Repoussé and most tools for Chasing look kind of like chisels but they are not. They are designed for moving metal, not for cutting or piercing it. These tools are hand formed. The sizes listed are approximate. If you need an exact size, please ask.

These tools are normally in stock and ship within a couple of days.


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