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Gene Olson

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Born in March of 1949 in Lake City, Minnesota. In 1967 he started at the University of Minnesota and concurrently began working with theater and art. In 1970 he embarked on a career as an arts professional and as such has been artist, designer, technical director, properties master, entrepreneur, and SCULPTOR.
In about 1973 he started setting up his own studio . . . . . .
He has been a self employed artist ever since.

His Work:

Gene's body of work is quite varied, ranging from abstract woven and fabricated metal assemblages, through carved stone and cast metals to whimsical kinetic pieces, and sometimes a zany synthesis of it all. An Artists Statement


Slide show work sample


Chris Wilson

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Chris works in many media.
 Her current loves are paint and ink in
sumi-e style free flowing brush strokes..

She also loves mixed media collage and has done a number of very interesting pieces in silver and bronze, combining found objects with created pieces.

Chris's own website.

Chris' Bronzes and Jewelry



ArtMetal Village Resident
Gene Olson